Storage Tanks/Vessels

Jawharat Al Madaen Group has the most extensive global experience of any tank construction company in the industry, having built in excess of 100 storage tanks of various types, sizes  and uses  in Iraq . Our storage solutions for the upstream and downstream oil & gas markets include atmospheric tanks, bulk liquid terminals, and pressure sphere.

Jawharat Al Madaen Group offer a comprehensive package of services for tank projects that includes concept definition, design and detail engineering, fabrication, procurement, site development, foundation and tank construction, painting and coating, commissioning and startup, and operator training. Our projects have included everything from single tanks to complex storage terminals.

A better way to work. We execute our projects on a lump-sum, turnkey basis, performing every phase of the work ourselves whenever possible. Our integrated business model translates into shorter project schedules, lower costs, improved quality control and reduced risk for the customer. Because we provide single-point responsibility, our customers don’t have to worry about the duplication of effort, delays and design incompatibilities that can arise when multiple contractors are involved.

Our true EPC approach is possible because we have a vast global network of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction resources. With these integrated resources, we can quickly mobilize people, material and equipment wherever they are needed. Our people are well-versed in the regulations, logistics and business practices of the communities where we work, and we direct-hire and train local labor whenever possible.

A variety of storage solutions. Our solutions include atmospheric storage systems for a variety of industries. We can provide standard storage configurations or custom-design systems for specific needs. Our expertise includes:

◾ Self-supporting/supported cone roofs
◾ Self-supporting dome roofs
◾ Stiffened umbrella roofs

◾ Internal and external operations
◾ Welded steel pan, pontoon, or double deck designs

Special atmospheric tanks
◾ Open top tanks
◾ Elevated cone bottom tanks
◾ Bins
◾ Silos

Most tanks we design are constructed of carbon steel. We also build tanks using alternative materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, 9% nickel or specialty steels to meet specific customer requirements.

As an optional service, we offer our Total Tank Management program, which includes everything from tank inspections and cleaning, to environmental assessment reviews, repairs and modifications. This program allows our customers to concentrate on their core business while Jawharat Al Madaen Group manages all tank related activities, providing cost-effective maintenance and regulatory compliance.

Over the past century we’ve developed a number of patented design details and construction techniques for safer, better-performing and longer-lasting tanks. Our broad experience, technical capabilities and global construction resources enable us to offer a wide range of storage solutions and superior results to our customers.