EPC Capabilities

Over the years, we’ve honed our project management skills and developed best practices for managing the most complex of projects. As part of our continuous improvement process, our formal Lessons Learned system enables project teams to document both solutions to problems and opportunities for improvement, which subsequently are codified into best practices that can be shared across the company.

We are known for our ability to successfully execute projects almost anywhere, even in remote and logistically challenging locations. We have an extensive network of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction facilities, so we can quickly mobilize project resources whenever and wherever they are needed. And with offices worldwide, we have people who understand the legislation, culture, business and labor practices of the communities where we work.

We believe in direct-hiring and training local craftsmen for our projects whenever possible. In communities that have a pool of potential applicants, we develop a training program that addresses the specific needs of the project and the applicants. All candidates receive intensive safety instruction as well as craft skills training. We’ve found that direct-hiring ensures the safety and quality of our projects in addition to providing economic enrichment to the community.