Jawharat Al Madaen Group is one of the leading EPC players in the Energy, Industrial, Infrastructure,and Oil & Gas sectors and has successfully implemented projects in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Also carries out infrastructure development and management projects.
Jawharat AL Madaen is one of the leading companies for the design and construction work in the oil and gas industry.  Its operation extend beyond the  worldwide services of a full range of high-quality pipeline, tanks of different sizes and types, boiler, turbine, compressor, valves, gaskets, firefighting equipment industrial hoses and related equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industries, equipment and machine engineering, heating and general industry
Our good relations with the manufacturer’s owners and the upper managements enabling us to be one of the most competitive and reliable suppliers.


Jawharat Al Madaen Group Trading and Distribution arm operates as the Agency Division and markets and distributes food, medical, chemical and engineering products in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey from 10 countries spanning USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Jawharat AL Madaen Import division accumulated experience and expertise in the procurement and import of construction equipment and materials.
The division is responsible for the supply and procurement of materials required for the projects. It specializes in material sourcing, vendor development, freight forwarding and co-ordination of shipment.


Jawharat Al Madaen Group was formed over 10 years ago as part of the Core Communications Group, one of the fastest growing private technology companies. With several directors having previously held senior management positions within the mobile operators, our close partner relationships mean we can offer our retail partners the most competitive retail Pre-Pay SIM solutions.
Serving our independent retail outlets, our focus has been to develop a unique ‘fully managed SIM distribution model’ for the Multi-chain and Online retail sectors.
Committed turnkey source for engineering, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of telecom, electronics and security system in addition to the industrial and building construction.
Specialization for consulting services, system engineering, turnkey installation and management services in the field of telecommunication and construction.
Uniquely headquartered in the heart of Baghdad, our rapidly expanding retail distribution network also encompasses bases across IRAQ to better serve demand from our online and multi chain retail sectors.


Techno Millennium is a part of the Jawharat Al Madaen group of company, with the promoters having the over 25 years experience in operating in countries such as :-
Iraq, Jordan, India, Turkey ,the African continent and Europe.

The company was formed with a view to make the world secure, by offering specialist risk mitigation and management services to governments, quasi-governments and private institutions.

Our over reaching goal is to help individuals and institutions build safe, stable and productive societies.